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*** Satin is currently sold out. But if you don't mind a blemished one at a discount, please contact us.

Blanka is a pocket fixed blade. It has a very secure and comfortable grip with lots of control. The profile is unique, a cross between tanto and cleaver, designed to give it more cutting edge. Blanka is small but it will fulfil most of your cutting needs, you can perform draw cuts for skinning and slashing, the tanto tip with a belly is good for stabbing and push cut. When used with the paracord, you can flick it to chop branches and wood. 

Dimension: Knife 13cm overall length // Blade 7.5cm // Blade Thickness 3.8mm // Handle thickest part 1.45cm // With Sheath 14.5cm (Length) x 5.2cm (Width-Widest part) x 2cm (Thickest part)

Weight: 97g (Including paracord and bead) // 127g with sheath 

Materials: VG10 Blade (Full Tang) // G10 Scale // Full leather Sheath // Steel Paracord Bead // Steel Inlays



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