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GS2, short for Gentleman Slasher is inspired by the straight razor. We love the square blade design, we modified it and matched it with an equally angular handle. When folded, the blade almost disappears, revealing just a little to guide the eyes to the interesting gimping on the side. GS2 is extremely clean and minimal. Exactly how we wanted it to be, a small handsome flipper for the discerning gentleman.

GS2 comes with a clip, it can be flipped to the other side. If you decide to use it without the clip, you can replace it with spacers provided. GS2 is also fitted with a liner lock so you can use it with a peace of mind  

Limited production

Material: VG10 Steel Blade + Titanium Handle

Dimensions: Handle 95mm x 26.5mm /  Blade: 67mm length, 4mm thick  /  Overall thickness 12mm  /  Weight: 110g 

GS2 featured in video is a Tumbled Shiny Handle with Satin Blade