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JHO screw driver set is designed for control, ease of use and durability. Each base fits 10 of your favourite or commonly used bits. They are held down by magnet and will spin quietly. The screw driver is short, grippy and swivels. Light magnets are used so you can swap bits effortlessly. This set makes a cool desk toy and is a perfect tool for EDC maintenance.

JHO screw driver is designed to be able to stand upright. Reducing footprint so you have more work space and if you have a few, you can easily find the right piece because the attached bits are very visible when it's standing. It is not your common store bought screw driver.

Please Note: Screw drivers that are sold separately have a slightly narrower body, about 1mm smaller does not fit the base perfectly. Screw driver and screw set are sold without the screw bits. 

Material - Stainless steel, 608 bearings, magnets on base and screwdriver

Measurements: Screw driver 130grams, 83mm // Base 300grams, W50mm H38mm


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