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Available in Satin and Stone Washed finishing. LYNX is the highest quality card blade you can find in the market. A functional CPM S35VN blade that fits in your wallet.

Handling - This blade has tremendous grip, in one of our test, oil is poured onto the blade and held with one hand holding the blade, it is able to slice through a corner off an inch thick book easily.

Design - The entire blade with the sheath is small enough to fit in a wallet or pocket. The lynx is one of the most versatile cutting tool you can have with you. It has a chisel grind, straight edge, suitable for shaving, slicing and chopping.

Material - Lynx blade is made with vacuum heat  treated CPM S35VN steel (HRC:58-60) used only in high-end production and custom knives. The sheath is constructed with bitumised paper, a tear proof water resistant paper.

Size: 88mm x 50mm  /  Thickness: 2mm