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THE NUG by JHO Satin


Limited production.

We are not going to beat around the bush, a knife is not just a cutting tool, it is also a weapon. And The Nug thrives in those two areas.

Handling - Most micro knives are either too flimsy or difficult to hold. It makes them dangerous to use and are only good for menial tasks like opening letter, cutting strings and tape. The secret behind The Nug’s great handling lies in its unique design. Users are able to leverage the knife through their finger, once the blade is held properly it will never slip. We have done many tests on The Nug, it is able to cut through thick carton boxes, ropes and tennis balls easily.

For defense - The Nug is small enough to deploy it while it is inside your pocket. When it is held properly, it will never slip. If you choose to use it with blade un-deployed, it will protect your knuckles.  

Material and Construction - The Nug has a vacuum heat treated S35VN steel  blade and G5 Titanium for handle. We have chosen a free ball bearing system for the pivot so if you wish to replace them in the future, they are easily available.

Design - The Nug is neither fancy or aggressive. It is clean, sleek and unassuming. Its unique design makes it a great secondary knife, a discreet cutting tool and a weapon.

Note: The Nug is not a pretty little folder that you flick on your couch. It does not fly open, but it locks up very securely and is very robust.

Dimensions: 56mm x 31mm x 12mm  /  Blade: 18mm length, 3mm thick  /  Hole: 22.5mm  /  Weight: 70g /  Ball bearing size: 1.5mm