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The second generation Nug is back. Available in Bead Blast Stone Washed and Black TiCN coated (Titanium coated). Design has been improved for smoother opening and we have replaced the ball bearing system with teflon washers for easy maintenance. The blade has been pushed forward to make sharpening easier.

Material and Construction - The Nug has a vacuum heat treated VG10 steel  blade and Titanium for handle. VG10 also known as V Gold steel, is a premium Japanese steel, designed specially for knives. 

Design - The Nug is neither fancy or aggressive. It is clean, sleek and unassuming. Its unique design makes it a great secondary knife, a discreet cutting tool and a weapon.

STANDARD NUG Dimensions: 56mm x 31mm x 12mm  /  Blade: 18mm length, 3mm thick  /  Hole: 22mm  /  Weight: 70g 

BIG NUG Dimensions: 62.5mm x 36.5mm x 12mm  /  Blade: 20mm length, 3mm thick  /  Hole: 26mm  /  Weight: 100g 



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