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The NUG FF is a small functional friction folding knife. The knife is tiny but has a very secure hold for cutting. And when folded, the Nug can be used as a defensive impact tool.

The original thumbstud has a hole for 1.5 x 6mm tritium vial. They are removable in this FF version, and we offer various options for purchase, see images.  

Please note, that this knife does not have a lock, the blade is prevented from closing using friction. The mechanism is simple and bombproof, friction folders are easy to maintain and lasting.

This new model is available in M390 Steel blade with Titanium Handle and 154CM steel Blade with Steel handle. The steel handle is much heavier, but it feels really solid in the hand, making it an awesome impact tool.

Material and Construction - M390 Steel blade with Titanium Handle  // 154CM Steel with Steel Handle

Dimensions: 59.5mm x 34mm x 12mm  //  Blade: 17.5mm length, 3mm thick  //  Hole: 24mm  //  Weight: (M390 + Ti) 76g  //  (154CM + Steel) 113g 

Edge Angle: 29 degrees